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Taxi Baška

The most famous tourist resort on The Golden Island Krk is Baška, situated simultaneously in a bay and a nice valley. The vineyards and olive groves embrace Baška which is known for the one of the most beautiful pebbly beaches in the Adriatic.

1,8 km long beach can accomodate easily a few thousands people. Name of Baška (Besca) was mentioned for the first time in 1232. Serious development of tourism in Baška started in 1906 when Hotel Zvonimir was opened.

The first bathing beach on the island was opened in Baška. It was equiped with 18 changing cabins. Baška plays a great role in Croatian history because the Baška tablet was found in the church in Jurandvor near Baška.

This monument is a glagolitic inscription carved in the stone. A mediterranean atmosphere spreads through the narrow streets where houses are positioned tightly. Baška also offers experiencing an underwater world and sea life of the Adriatic Sea through Baška Aquarium.

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