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Taxi Vrbnik

Vrbnik lies on a steep cliff, about 50 meters high, situated on the east portion of the island of Krk. It is opposite the New Vinodolski on the mainland and developed on the site of a prehistoric settlement. Vrbnik was mentioned for the first time in 1100.

The town became a political and administrative center in 1388. It was proved by The Vrbnik Statute written in Glagolitic script. Vrbnik represents the root of Croatian literacy. The inhabitants were mostly farmers, seamen and fishermen.

Although Vrbnik is located on the sea, fishing and marine have never been the primary activities of inhabitants. The main reason is a variability of weather conditions in the Vinodol Channel which is known for strong wind bora.

Narrow streets and a golden wine named Žlahtina are trademarks of Vrbnik today. The world’s narrowest street is located inside this beautiful town. Žlahtina has become famous even outside of Croatian borders.

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